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How Old are You on the Inside?

Knowing your 'Internal Age' is an important marker for optimal health.

Your Internal Age should be lower than your chronological age, if it is higher, there are many things you can do to decrease it by following the advice and recommendations of your Trillium Team.

To find out your internal age, a Trillium Health Professional will use a fingertip pulse reader that measures Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity.


Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (AoPWV) is proven to be a marker of heart health, brain health, and risk of death from all causes.

The fingertip pulse reader detects and records arterial pulsations in your finger.

​What is Internal Age and how is it Calculated?

Internal Age is calculated by comparing your Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity result to a graph of average healthy readings per age. Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity is a measure of aortic stiffness, a proven risk assessor for death from all causes and an indicator of overall organ health.

Internal Age is affected by exercise, stress, diet, etc., and over time your baseline reading can improve in direct response to the outcomes you'll achieve by following the advice of your Trillium health care professional.

The readings are transmitted into a pulse wave for display and analysis. Within 30-seconds you’ll know your internal age.


The device also measures real-time heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Why is it Important to Know my Internal Age?

Aortic stiffness is a proven risk assessor for death from all causes and is an indicator of overall organ health. Stiffening of the aorta occurs with age, and in response to inactivity and other less-healthy lifestyle choices such as obesity.


By measuring Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity and monitoring your aortic stiffness, a level of mindfulness is applied to your own overall health that can positively affect the quality of your life and your lifespan.

  • Your Aortic Stiffness Test is measured and interpreted by a specially trained member of our health care team.

  • Available at select clinics only.

  • Aortic Stiffness Tests are included with certain Weight Loss Programs. Please ask for details.

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