Online Reviews // Why We Don't Respond to Online Reviews

Were You Wondering why Trillium doesn't Respond to

Online Reviews?

Let us start by saying Trillium is a firm believer in customer reviews.

We strongly believe consumer feedback improves businesses and helps to create better experiences for customers. We have seen first-hand how feedback from our customers has helped to improve our services and meet added needs.

We also believe customers deserve a response if they’ve posted something online about a bad experience.

Like any company, Trillium is not perfect and cannot provide a perfect experience every time, but when reading online reviews you may come to think the majority of our clients have a negative experience, however that is not the case.

Our online reviews are primarily from the people who are angry or frustrated enough to write a negative review. Many of those people are rightly frustrated by a poor experience and we will always do our best to fix it, but the silent majority of customers (98%) that are satisfied with the services they received from us never think to express their views online, especially when nobody is asking them to.

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Thousands of our clients have lost weight and are grateful to Trillium for helping improve their health, but never think to say, "Let me tell about my positive outcome on the BBB's website", especially since most people believe that the purpose of the BBB is to complain about a business and not commend it.

For this reason, our online reviews are heavily skewed to show only the negative ones, which truly does not reflect the positive outcomes the majority of our clients receive.


You may be thinking that there is an incredibly easy fix to this problem: Just respond to the online review!

Well it's not that simple...

It would be nearly impossible to respond to a client's concerns online or through an intermediary like the BBB without referring to the confidential charting notes in the patient's file and revealing sensitive and privileged information.

Patient confidentiality is one of the most important pillars of health care. Protecting the private details of a patient is not just a matter of moral respect, it is essential in retaining the important bond of trust between the health care provider and the client/patient. This kind of Privacy is important to stress because it permits health activities to be carried out in ways that protect individuals’ dignity.

In fact, just acknowledging the online review has the potential to give it 'new life' and bring undesired consequences as most people don't realize that they are unknowingly giving up their privacy rights when they divulge their personal health matters online, especially because elements of their post can be used against them anytime in the future by Insurers, government agencies and current or future employers.

So What if I Have a Complaint About Trillium?

We take our client's concerns very seriously and have swift measures in place to ensure clients' grievances are heard.


Unsatisfied clients are always able to express their concerns and have them promptly addressed. In the event of an impasse, Trillium has a formal dispute resolution process in place that includes Provincially mandated arbitration to ensure you are treated fairly.

We realize it’s not always easy to talk about difficult issues, however most can be resolved through discussion.

Anyone with an unresolved complaint can escalate their matter to our Program Director, Sara Jafari, RD at 1-866-441-1447, Ext 229 or send an email to


Thank you.

Putting Trillium into Perspective:

  • With 31 locations across Canada and thousands of clients, Trillium has a very low rate of customer dissatisfaction. (Less than 2%)

    For a company our size and with the amount of clients we care for everyday, 2% is a very low number.

  • The number of people that cancel their service with us is less than 3%, which is in stark contrast to an industry (Weight management) that has typical cancellation rates of 20+ percent.

    Our cancellation rate is the envy of our colleagues.

  • Our largest source of unearned business comes from existing clients that tell their friends and family about us.

    We are extremely grateful for the referrals we receive from our satisfied clients and recognize that we would not enjoy the tremendous amount of trust we receive from them if we were not doing a good job caring for their needs.

  • Trillium sponsors a program called the 'Weight Loss Grants Organization' where we have had the good fortune of helping numerous people reach their weight loss goal and obtain their grant.

    According to the WLGO, our clients are 3 times more likely to lose their weight and receive the grant than any other sponsor of the program.

    If you wish to learn about the positive and heart-warming experiences of people we've helped reach their goal, you can find many of their letters Here.

    (Note: This link takes you to the WLGO website)



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